Single Bed

Minie Bed Frame with Drawers

The original Minie Bed Frame has now upgraded with storage! The Minie Bed Frame with Drawers now offers storage solutions at the side of the bed, spacious enough to store in belongings such as clothing. Best for space-saving rooms when nothing else happened to exist together with the bed.

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RM1,333.00 - RM1,599.00
Miles Pull-out Bed Frame

It's single, plus a single! The Miles Pull-out Bed Frame is a life-saver if you have a loved-one staying over. The new experience of an extra place to stay includes a strong solid base with soft headboard.

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Ivio Pull-out Bed Frame

It's amazing how the Ivio Pull-out Bed Frame offers an extra capacity for those who are staying over under one roof! It's just as easy to pull out an extra bed from the side, as well as this bed is the best for space-saving rooms.

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RM1,333.00 - RM1,544.00
Hayden Bed Frame with Drawers

Are you feeling pressured about where to store your items? Looks like the Hayden Bed Frame with Drawers can help do your job by just... keeping your items safe! Features a pair of drawers where you can store every day necessities and its base protected with foam so you won't feel a thing when you bump onto it! Back support provided smoothly by the bed's headboard cushion.

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RM1,222.00 - RM2,389.00
Oliviu Bed Frame

Simple and aesthetic. The Oliviu Bed Frame knows what you want in a bed frame: quality back support from a soft, foam protected headboard, weight-manageable two-piece base, and strong epoxy steel legs with centre legs support.

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RM988.00 - RM1,777.00
Olive Bed Frame

Wait a minute... olives aren't just small fruits? The Olive Bed Frame is made for simple living! Its size makes it compatible for space-saving rooms, and the two-piece base is protected with foam so you won't feel hurt as you bump on it! Back support provided from its soft headboard with two side panels that keep it from being dismantled.

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RM988.00 - RM1,777.00
Callie Bed Frame

The Callie Bed Frame is the simple living necessity you need to achieve its comfort. The headboard is polyester-filled that provides back support.

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RM983.00 - RM1,783.00
Minie Pull-out Bed Frame

Simple, aesthetic, and yet the best to invite a friend for a sleepover! The Minie Pull-out Bed Frame is the solution to prevent your friend from sleeping in the couch at the cold living room! Easily pull out an extra bed and you have created a new space to sleep! We provide:

  • Highly customisable
  • Exactly the same as your imagination
  • Reasonable

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RM1,399.00 - RM1,599.00
Ivan Bed Frame

Imagine yourself in such place, like the Ivan Bed Frame! There's so much you can get from this bed frame, such as its soft headboard cushion, weight-manageable strong solid base, fibre legs that prevent making so much noise and scratches, and easy to assemble together by clipping! We provide:

  • Highly customisable
  • Exactly the same as your

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RM777.00 - RM1,648.00
Gemini Pull-out Bed Frame

Got a friend crashing at your place? Make it all possible with the Gemini Pull-out Bed Frame! Pull out an extra bed for them to sleep on and the bond between you and them will surely make it all worthwhile.

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RM1,333.00 - RM1,555.00