L Shape Sofa

Almera L Shape Sofa

If you place Almera L Shape Sofa at any kind of houses it stil blend into it. the design of  timeless look, with all the  feature that makes every generation loves it. the high back design really support any kind of hight, that makes every ones love to owns it.<

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Dalle L Shape Sofa

Dalle L Shape Sofa is a sofa that makes you cant get up after seating on it. The GERMAN tech fabric that feels like leather but comfy as fabric plus the latest micro gel back support makes it even batter. The classic look with high tech auto recliner makes every generation loves it.

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Bolivia 3 Seater Sofa

The deep seats, movable back cushions and suspension fabric make this seating very comfortable. Create your own combination, sit back and relax. 
* You can customized either leather or water resistant fabric
* Customized colour is available.<

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Daisy L Shape Sofa

Daisy L Shape Sofa is a sofa for people who love relaxing watching movie. It comes with 3 cushion each seat from low back support and mid back support. You can adjust the cushion where every you wanted.The covers are easly change, so you can buy extra cover to change according to mood or season.<

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Dazzling L Shape Sofa

If you like the way it looks you have to try it! This Dazzling L Shape Sofa with very wide seat, leather fabric make this sofa very comfortable. Create your own combination & sit back and take a nap.&

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RM1,543.00 - RM5,088.00
Bolivia L Shape Sofa

This Bolivia L Shape Sofa may look small on the seating area, but it has a special mechanism that you can push the whole back cushion to the back, that makes every sized can enjoy it. It also looks very modern & gave you the cuncky cushion that can hold your back really well.

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Lefty L Shape Sofa

Lefty L Shape Sofa its a flexible & customizeble sofa.

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Ceres L Shape Sofa

Ceres L Shape Sofa Cuddle up in the soft comfort half leather. The classy looks with low armrests that made this sofa  never out of style. And using pocket springs with high density foam that perfect for invite your guests to socialising and relaxation. The head rest is adjustable too so dont worry about height it can handle any height.<

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Merc L Shape Sofa

For those who have many family members Merc L Shape Sofa is one of the choices. It comes with BIG L shape that can sit up to 5 person ,with the solid base it makes you feel confidents that even kid jumping ups there you would never worry about.

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