Rectangular Coffee Table

Timmy Coffee Table

Elevate your living space with our sleek and modern Timmy Coffee Table! Featuring a chic rectangle design, ceramic top, and sturdy steel frame legs, it's the perfect blend of style and durability. Add a touch of sophistication to your home while enjoying practical functionality.

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Mathew Coffee Table

Simplicity is not for the boring, it's for those who prefer to keep simple. The Mathew Coffee Table needs no speciality yet it is deemed to serve its purpose in any household. The solid wood material is not only durable but it is waterproof, completely repelling liquid mess.

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Eleanor Coffee Table

Every talk between coffee sips made comfortable with the Eleanor Coffee Table! With its durable solid wood that can prevent itself from ageing, enjoyable moments can last long too.

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Heinrich Coffee Table

Save your money from buying a study table, the Heinrich Coffee Table has the versatility of letting you eat, work, and enjoying tea time! Its melamine tabletop is liftable to extra heights that allow you to transform it to a miniature dining table or study table, while offering you good leg space as you sit in your sofa! You'll also find yourself storing extra items inside

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Kemy Ceramic Coffee Table

The Kemy Ceramic Coffee Table is a stable and essential piece for achieving a simple yet stylish look at home. Its metal elements introduce an industrial feel, while the ceramic materials lend a unique and distinctive quality to your furniture.

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Tyrus Coffee Table

The Tyrus Coffee Table, featuring a white marble top, effortlessly complements various furnishings. Its honeycomb structured paper filling construction not only adds strength to the table but also keeps it lightweight, making it easy to move around as needed.

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