Kitchen Cabinet

Harley Kitchen Cabinet

The happiest place on Earth is always the kitchen, where all your favourite meals are prepared! Make it even cosier with the Harley Kitchen Cabinet, with its tempered glass tabletop, three cabinets and drawers with heavy-duty railings. Even from its traditional look, the material is made and finished with high-gloss.

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Michel Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Who says Larva Home Furniture doesn't have sink cabinets? The Michel Kitchen Sink Cabinet is the next best alternative if you're looking for a budget-friendly sink.

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RM1,099.00 - RM1,599.00
Michel Kitchen Cabinet

As it is modular, the Michel Kitchen Cabinet is customisable to fit your kitchen's aesthetics! Built and finished with melamine, the cabinets' doors are functional with soft-closing, to prevent damaging the cabinet. Comes with three drawers with heavy-duty railings and hidden slope handle.

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RM777.00 - RM1,377.00