Tea Set

Rattan Tea Table Set

  Beautifully crafted stackable Rattan garden chairs, paired with a single top glass table. This product has been tasted for safety and it is recommended for home, hotel and office. Rattan Tea Table Set comes with two hidden seat with soft cushion and solid steel leg. It can save you tons of spaces.&

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Balivol Tea Table Set

  Balivol Tea Table Set is a Muji series that every Muji fans loves it. Built with full solid rubber wood that water resistant and it also using fabric seat so you won't feel uncomfortable after sitting on it.<

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Newton Marble Tea Table Set

Neptune Marble Tea Set series with all gold legs including chair so it makes it feels fancy. And marble table top is moisture resistant, stain resistant and easy to keep clean.<

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RM777.00 - RM3,777.00