2-in-1 Coffee Table Set

Frozen 2-in-1 Coffee Table Set

Coffee tables have gotten a lot simpler with the Frozen 2-in-1 Coffee Table Set! Golden trims have made their way to the tables to give it a classy touch, with acrylic tabletops that is free from water, heat, and stain. The glossy steel legs with golden trims are strong enough to withstand heavier items that is pressured on, and lastly, enjoying a teatime with peaceful surroundings.

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Kaylin 2-in-1 Coffee Table Set

Consider yourself with a feel of luxury with the Kaylin 2-in-1 Coffee Table Set! The elegance of its ceramic tabletops can help resist itself from water, heat, and stain damages that can help live for a long period of time. The gold plated legs are one of the signature touches to it, adding a luxury vibe.

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Goldie 2-in-1 Coffee Table Set

You're not King Midas if you haven't owned one these! The Goldie 2-in-1 Coffee Table Set gives you the golden luxury of its golden legs that offers adequate leg space and framing that supports the ceramic tabletop with intricate design.

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Santo 2-in-1 Coffee Table Set

Unique design, fits any house that's nothing but fun! The Santo Coffee Table features tempered glass tabletop, durable against heated objects such as laptops or hot cups of teas. Designer legs that connect 'through' the tabletop and smaller table with its own base.

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Latty 2-in-1 Marble Coffee Table

The Latty 2-in-1 Marble Coffee Table includes two separate marble top coffee tables, allowing you to slide the smaller table under the larger one, saving valuable space in your living area. The elegant gold stainless steel legs add a touch of sophistication and luxury to this piece, making it a must-have for those who appreciate a touch of opulence in their home decor.

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Trigo 2-in-1 Coffee Table Set

Round, soft shapes and meticulously crafted details define the Trigo 2-in-1 Coffee Table Set and its nesting tables. Their sturdy construction and timeless style make them versatile pieces that can easily complement other furniture, promising years of enduring love and use.

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