Alex Medium Back Office Chair

Are you in search of an office chair known for its durability and ease of finding spare parts? Look no further than the Alex Medium Back Office Chair, which is locally manufactured. Its mid-back design ensures that individuals of varying heights can comfortably enjoy proper back support.

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Koey Island Chair

Just need to be a little low on height and you'll get the Koey Island Chair! A Muji-styled island chair with wooden themes and softness in the seat! The curved mid-backrest keeps your back occupied easily and the footrest bars keeps your legs comfortable as you are seated.

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Azzan Island Chair

How about... a backrest that is so low that you might feel like your next love of your life catches you when you fall? The Azzan Island Chair features a low-backrest that helps you improve your posture and offers greater freedom of movement. Other than that, the P.U.

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Vanco Relax Chair

Keep yourself relaxed with the Vanco Relax Sofa! It's just one of those well-designed lounge chairs where the mid-backrest is curved in design that connects with the armrests, and large seat with high-density foam! If the black colours on the fabric's pretty pattern isn't for you, there's other few options you can go for! We provide:

  • Highly

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