Cloufy Mirror

A nice addition of the Cloufy Mirror in your bedroom can make a difference. With its intricate wavy design, its frames are made soft with the velvet fabric.

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Clara Standing Mirror

A mirror too small wouldn't be an ideal choice if you're the type to be taking mirror selfies every morning, but the Clara Standing Mirror is another suggestion! The size of itself is enough to display a reflection of your whole body, protected with melamine materal.

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Liana Dressing Table

Do you have a spacious bedroom? Consider adding the Liana Dressing Table to enhance your bedroom decor. This modern design is equipped with the latest technology, featuring two additional electrical outlets and two USB ports. The drawer includes three sensor lights, and the mirror offers adjustable brightness.

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Lavia LED Dressing Table

The Lavia LED Dressing Table is nothing but its quadrilateral design and luxuriousness! One large LED mirror is enough for your entire beauty to blend in. Its jewellery box contains tempered glass top and five compartments where you can store beloved accessories in, and three drawers with heavy-duty railings and epoxy steel handles.

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Ins Dressing Table

Back to traditional vibes, the Ins Dressing Table is a unique product to prioritse your look before a day to spend well! Featuring an LED light that be activated with just a touch and jewellery box.

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Muji Standing Mirror

Simple, large, and best of all, the Muji Standing Mirror offers an entire full view of yourself! The mirror itself is protected with solid wood frame with slanting design, and the material itself can last as long in terms of durability (excluding the boredom).

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Laviu LED Dressing Table

Whether it's a special day like your big event, a date with your crush, or even your cat's birthday party, looking your best is essential. The Laviu LED Dressing Table is your go-to destination for true beauty. It boasts built-in LED lighting around the mirror, activated with a simple touch.

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