Relax Chair

Layke Rocking Chair

Sink into ultimate relaxation with the Layke Rocking Chair, where comfort meets grandeur! With its spacious design and plush cushioning, it's a haven for cozy moments.

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Rayne Rocking Chair

Rayne Rocking Chair is a relax chair that can elevate your comfort. Perfect for relaxation and adding charm to any space.

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Farel Relax Chair

Ever wonder such chairs like the Farel Relax Chair felt as if you're relaxing at the beach? Its strength of the fibre material that keeps the chair as sturdy as you sit on, along with its cushion to allow more softness to it.

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Esritel Dining Chair

Dine in with elegance with the Esritel Dining Chair! This high-backrest chair has a unique pattern design at the back and the soft, P.U. leather covered seats.

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Muji Rattan Chair (2pcs)

Hold on... this Muji-themed chair isn't made from wood! It's the epoxy steel that maintains weights that pressured on the Muji Rattan Chair! It's not a rattan chair without the rattan design on the backrest, with soft, P.U.

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Sheep Sofa

Imagine this sofa in the size of a sheep! The Sheep Sofa is perfect for a kids' room where they can sit down and enjoy their reading time! Features a German-style stitching to prevent the fabric from ripping, bouncy high-density foam made for the seat cushion, and curved mid-backrest.

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Hoga Designer Sofa

A chair that's all yours is what Hoga Designer Sofa is all about! You'll be surprised what it offers such as its soft, high density foam seat and low-backrest, as well as the armrests! The epoxy steel leg and its frame is what keeps the chair strong, maintains heavier weights and long-lasting! We provide:

  • Highly customisable
  • Exactly the same as

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Wako Designer Chair (2pcs)

It removes, and it's in again! The Wako Designer Chair has a unique feature that allows you to remove the P.U. seat cushion. The curved mid-backrest is made from solid wood with copper ornaments.

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Strala Designer Sofa

While the Strala Designer Sofa may appear simple, it offers exceptional comfort when you take a seat. The luxurious velvet fabric not only captivates your eyes but also beckons you to 'have a seat and relax.

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Poppy Designer Chair

It's comfortable, it rotates! The Poppy Designer Chair can act like an office chair too if you're lucky enough to have an entire workload! Features a 360° rotation managed by epoxy steel legs and large, high-back curved backrest that secures you in its seat! We provide:

  • Highly customisable
  • Exactly the same as your imagination
  • Reasonable

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Tatami Chair

Maybe your kids' reading nook could go for one of these comfortable, Tatami Chair! Just adjust the backrest in few different angles to your comfortability and easily relax on! The cover is also removable for cleaning purposes such as washing.

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Benco Arm Sofa

The Benco Arm Sofa is a highly flexible reclining chair that not only saves a significant amount of space but also offers versatile comfort. You can adjust it to any angle between 75° and 180°, ensuring you find the perfect position to relax. Its design provides comprehensive support for your entire body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

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Lorei Relax Sofa

The relax chair that brings the ultimate experience! The Lorei Relax Sofa not only comes with the chair itself but with its own footrest, so no need to spend extra on any! Soft with high-density foam, protected with P.U. leather fabric that resists itself from water, stain, and other mess! The epoxy steel legs are made to support heavier weights.

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Cruze Lounge Sofa

This chair couldn't be as boring as you thought it would be, it's made specially for you! The Cruze Lounge Sofa speaks for itself: you sit in it, be comfortable, and finally be happy that you own it! The high-backrest supports all the back up to the head and comfortable seat cushion made with high-density foam.

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Vanco Relax Chair

Keep yourself relaxed with the Vanco Relax Sofa! It's just one of those well-designed lounge chairs where the mid-backrest is curved in design that connects with the armrests, and large seat with high-density foam! If the black colours on the fabric's pretty pattern isn't for you, there's other few options you can go for! We provide:

  • Highly

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Cosi Flower Relax Sofa

Why is it called Cosi Flower? Because its cushion design blooms with style! The Cosi Flower Relax Sofa boasts water-resistant, customizable, and ergonomic fabric. It's also easy to carry with its foldable epoxy leg frame, making it ideal for hiking, outdoor picnics, relaxation rooms, and cozy reading nooks.

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