Terra Side Table
Terra Side Table
Terra Side Table


Terra Side Table


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Weight(grams): 20000

Dimension: 55 cm (Length) x 55 cm (Width) x 51 cm (Height)

Table's Leg: Tall legs (can sweep below easily)

Design / Outlook: 4 extra spaces with anti-fall design

Table's Material: Solid rubber wood material (durable & long-lasting, waterproof)

Travel back to the classics with the Terra Side Table, built with solid rubber wood material that's durable, long-lasting and waterproof! You'll never find a single square shape in this design, because it's all rounded! The rounder the design, the less pain it causes as you bump by. Four extra spaces are provided to store in minor items.
We provide:
  • Highly customisable
  • Exactly the same as your imagination
  • Reasonable prices
  • Heavy-duty use & high-quality materials
  • Extremely comfortable 

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