Hustey 1+4 Garden Set
Hustey 1+4 Garden Set
Hustey 1+4 Garden Set
Hustey 1+4 Garden Set


Hustey 1+4 Garden Set


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Weight(grams): 22000

Dimension: 120 cm (Length) x 60 cm (Width) x 77 cm (Height)

Table Top: Metal top

Chair & Table Leg: Metal leg

Chair Material: Fabric material

Hustey 1+4 Garden Set is for a family or you can enjoy with friends too,it will made every one on camping jealous, if you owns it. Is looking like wood but its steel and very solid that any weight seat on it also  feels comfy and save. 

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Highly customizable
Exactly same as your imagination
Reasonable price
Heavy duty use & high quality materials
Extremely comfortable

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